Gokhon di angka ulaon; Marhusip, Patua Hata, Ria Raja, Tonggo Raja, Martumpol dohot Resepsi:

  1. Jimmy Siang & Astrid Carolina
  2. Anton Chandra Boy Hutauruk (Martumpol)
  3. Alben Hutauruk – Br. Samosir
  4. Anton Chandra Boy Hutauruk
  5. Sindak Hasiholan Hutauruk, S.Kom.
  6. Sumihar Toga Marisi Hutauruk (Ompu Dylan)
  7. Dameria Br. Hutauruk
  8. Dr. SD. Hutauruk (Ompu Vivi Doli)
  9. Ana Stella Br. Hutauruk (Martumpol & Ria Raja)
  10. Meilita Magdalena Br. Hutauruk (Patua Hata, Marhusip, Martumpol)
  11. Silvana Yuni Devi Roy Br. Hutauruk (Martumpol, Ria Raja)
  12. Eddy Sutrisno Marolop Hutauruk (Martumpol)
  13. Rumondang Br. Hutauruk (Martumpol, Tonggo Raja)
  14. Jhonendy Saut Paruntungan Hutauruk (Martumpol, Ria Raja)
  15. Allan Marlatang Hutauruk (Martumpol, Tonggo Raja)
  16. Eddy Sutrisno Marolop Hutauruk (Patua Hata, Marhusip)
  17. Oka Israel Hutauruk (Martumpol, Ria Raja)
  18. Bintang Novelia (Patua Hata, Marhusip, Tonggo Raja)
  19. Ana Stella Br. Hutauruk (Patua Hata, Marhusip)
  20. Ronald Parlaungan Hutauruk (Tonggo Raja)
  21. Obaja Bakhtiar Hutauruk (Martumpol, Ria Raja)
  22. Naomi Lenita Agustina Br. Hutauruk (Martumpol, Tonggo Raja)
  23. Chatarina Christa Sylvana Br. Hutauruk (Patua Hata, Marhusip)
  24. Jhonendy Saut Paruntungan Hutauruk (Patua Hata, Marhusip)
  25. Oka Israel Hutauruk (Patua Hata, Marhusip)
  26. Naomi Lenita Agustina Br. Hutauruk (Patua Hata, Marhusip)
  27. Yan Rico Parulian Hutauruk (Martumpol, Tonggo Raja)
  28. Obaja Ras Bakhtiar Hutauruk (Patua Hata, Marhusip)
  29. Tommy Sefri Hutauruk (Patua Hata)
  30. Holmes Doan Ferry Hutauruk (Patua Hata, Marhusip)
  31. Yan Rico Parulian Hutauruk (Patua Hata)
  32. Ny. SN Hutauruk – Br. Lumbantobing (Mangain)
  33. Agustinus Hutauruk (Tonggo Raja)
  34. Agustinus Hutauruk (Mangain, Marhata Sinamot)
  35. Ny. ASP Hutauruk (HUT 75 Tahun)
  36. Roy Heppy Wesley Hutauruk (Mangain, Patua Hata, Marhusip)
  37. Udur Martiona Br. Hutauruk (Patua Hata, Marhusip)
  38. Nimrod Dartono Hutauruk (Patua Hata, Marhusip)
  39. Rohany Br. Hutauruk (Martumpol)
  40. Hotmauliate Hutauruk (Martumpol)

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